Funding Initiative:
Palliative Care

Compassionate, supportive care for patients, families and caregivers

"Every decision I had to make, I felt good about. They (the palliative care team) were there every step of the way." - Penny, grateful family member

When Penny's mom was dealing with illness and nearing the end of her life, she found herself in the care of a thoughtful, compassionate team of palliative care professionals.

Palliative care
is person-centered, respectful, supportive, comforting, caring, thoughtful, and meaningful care for individuals with chronic, debilitating illnesses, or life-threatening illnesses.

Through the support of a comprehensive care team - which includes a physician, nurse practitioner, chaplain and social worker - the goal is to improve the quality of life for the patient and family through appropriate care.              

“Palliative care offers a model of care that embraces the whole person and considers the physical, psychosocial and spiritual elements that are within each of us,” says Dr. Olumuyiwa Adeboye MD, FACP, Medical Director for Palliative Care for Ministry Health Care 

People often ask, is palliative care the same as hospice? The answer: Hospice is a form of palliative care but palliative care is not limited to patients who are dying. Palliative care can be, and often is, provided along with curative treatments. Palliative care can’t change the outcome of serious illness; it can provide support and presence to make the journey easier.

Philanthropic support is needed to grow this developing, mission-focused program, so we can provide this care at a greater level for our patients and families, just like Penny.

To learn more contact: Trina Doxtator, Development Manager 920.831.1720 or Tonya Dedering, Regional Director 920.732.2859

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