Coming Together - Caring for the Community, then & now

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In 1954, Theodore Christoph offered up his field in Chilton, WI to be the site of a new hospital.  That single decision has changed - and saved - lives of Calumet County residents ever since.

For the last six decades, Calumet Medical Center has provided patients with personalized health care close to home.  Now, we want to continue our commitment to providing this exceptional, personalized care on a higher, more efficient level.

You helped to come together again, and ensure we are able to provide this care for the next generation of our friends and family in Chilton and the surrounding areas.

Thank you for helping us raise $5.1 million of our $5 million goal!

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Your gift to the Coming Together capital campaign ensures that generations of Calumet County residents will continue to receive quality care, close to home.

"The hospital has been here for me, my family and my friends in a multitude of ways throughout the years.  It has been a fixture in our community, servicing and celebrating our lives - our health.  We must personally commit to seeing that the hospital continues to do so for years and years to come."

 - Bud Wieting
Chairman, Board of Directors
Calumet Medical Center

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