An Economic Achievement

The 56 year old critical access hospital has been there for the working people of Calumet County, currently employing as many as 185 people.  With more companies coming to the CMC service area and more senior housing being built, the need for medical care - outpatient care for the aging baby boomer population in particular - is growing.

CMC:  A Community Staple

–Provides 180 jobs (150 full-time equivalents)
–Total wages/benefits per year (excluding physicians):  $9,561,820 (FY11)
–11,949 Provider-based clinic visit
–4,950 ER vsits
–1,046 Walk-in clinic visits
–591 Surgeries
–633 Admissions (acute & swing bed)
–More than 9,000 unique patients served
Community Benefit: 
-Just under $700,000 (FY11)

"This project will greatly improve rural outreach and enhance patient care by bringing modern advancements and top-notch specialists to our trusted community hospital, close to home."

 - Dr. Craig Olson

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Board Member
Calumet Medical Center

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