An Economic Achievement:  Jim & Kathy Burnett's Story

Jim Burnett keeps his finger on the pulse of Chilton from his desk downtown.  Between his many duties as city attorney for New Holstein and Kiel and volunteer commitments on the side, the local lawyer and his wife, Kathy, have reaped the many benefits of rural living.

"When you choose to live in a rural area, you accept a certain amount of transportation," Kathy says.  "In our case, we don't have to go far for health care."

The New Holstein couple has made the hospital one of their many goodwill endeavors because they have seen how it has proven to be a crucial community structure.  All three of the Burnett children were born at Calumet Medical Center, where Jim has also undergone surgery a couple of times.  Together, they are committed to improving CMC for future generations.  Jim is on the hospital's board of directors and serves on the finance committee, while Kathy is a lifetime member in the auxiliary.

The duo jokes they are committed to using CMC as patients in the years to come.  "We're healthy people but we're glad that when and if we need it, it's right here for us," Kathy says.

"If CMC is to remain a vibrant and vital entity, this renovation is essential.  We have to continue to make strides, and this expansion will contribute to attracting top-notch specialists."

 - Jim Burnett
Board Member
Calumet Medical Center

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