The Ripple Effect:  Generations of Need

Bud Wieting recognizes the ebb and flow of health care needs and the importance of the hospital growing with the times.  For instance, his mother, Evelyn makes weekly visits to CMC for appointments, and his grandchildren will also need to use the hospital or clinic as they grow up.

Over the last three years, the hospital has seen a 10% increase in outpatient services provide to the community.  This includes surgery, specialty service visits radiology, sleep laboratory volume and rehabilitation.

"Our doctors and our staff are second-to-none," says Wieting.  "We should have a facility that matches the care we provide our patients.'

Bud has served on the Calumet Medical Center board of directors since 1999 - currently as the chairman - and heads the steering committee for the revitalization.  His involvement includes educating the public on the necessary updates and giving tours to folks interested in and donating to the project.

"This hospital is a big plus for us," Bud says.  It's like throwing a pebble in a pond - the rings keep going and going.  As the hospital touches people's lives, it does make a difference, in many different ways."

Just as it is here for his family, Bud knows the support for commitment to this renovation project will ensure CMC is here for decades to come.

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