Decades of Making a Difference:  Anna's Story

Anna Hickinbotham has seen the hospital bring people together.

The 16-year-old Chilton High School student cares very much for her community and one day hopes to look after the sick.  But she wasn't always sure that she was interested in medicine.

Anna awoke one Sunday in October 2011 with stomach pains.  Her mom, Sarah Gebhart, figured the teen had simply overdone it with activities and told her to rest but the pain continued and Sarah decided to take her to Calumet Medical Center.

It didn't take long for the family, who lives in Chilton and owns Hickory Hills Country Club, to get Anna to the emergency room.  It was discovered she needed to have her appendix removed.

Dr. Peter Janu, general surgeon at CMC, performed her operation.  A growing volume of patients are visitng CMC for surgical care, which is a department led by Dr. Janu.

Anna wasn't a complete stranger to CMC, but it wasn't until her surgery that she realized how crucial it is to have access to leading-edge health care.

"I received a lot of attention," she remembers.  "The emergency staff and nursing team took really good care of me."

Her experiences as a patient have inspired Anna to consider a medical career down the road.

"I want the hospital to be around for a long time because I want to be able to give the same excellent care that I received there so many times in the past," she says.  "Who knows, maybe I'll even get to work at Calumet Medical Center!"

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