An Evolving Hospital

We want to continue our commitment to providing personalized care, but on a higher, more efficient level.  Our revitalization plan is part of a long-term vision in which we meet current and future demands for services:

 - The power plant has exceeded its useful life after 55 years of unwavering performance; repairs to the outdated structure are costly, and though necessary to sustain the facility, result in dollars that are not available for direct patient care.
 - Renovating the structure will boost the facility in sustainability and greatly enhance efficiencies, leading to future cost savings.

Outpatient Specialty Services:
 - Account for 76% of all patients coming to CMC - a significant amount of growth.
 - Renovated spaces include reahbilitation and onlcology
 - About 12,000 in the CMC service area needed oncology treatment in 2012, and a sharp increase in services needed is expected in the next 10 years.

Surgical Preparation and Recovery Center:
 - In the last year, 591 surgeries were performed; a 10% increase in three years.

 Janu headshot

"The staff at Calumet Medical Center is phenomenal and the community support is fantastic.  The renovation will make the hospital the best of its kind, matching the level of service the staff provides."

- Dr. Peter Janu
General Surgeon, Medical Director of Surgical Services
Calumet Medical

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