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The Foundation held a Share Your Story campaign in January 2012 to win four Allegiant Air vouchers. The lucky winner was Cheryl LeMieux who is planning a trip to Vegas with her co-workers. We thank the following individuals for submitting their heartfelt stories.

"At 21 wk of my pregnancy it was necessary to have a cerclage and the next day my water broke. I was put on strict bed rest in the hospital. Room 385 became our living room, dining room, and office for 70 days. During the 10 wk we spent our anniversary and my b-day in the hospital. My MD and nurses even threw me a surprise party! I went home at 32 wk and stayed on bed rest there until 37 wk. My beautiful, healthy son was born on Dec 13th. This whole experience emphasized the miracle of having a child." ~ Laura Bleck

"While in my teens I had two surgeries at St Elizabeth hospital due to a knee injury. I was given wonderful care. Thirty-three years later I had to have a knee replacement and chose an Orthopedic specialist at St Elizabeth because I knew I would get the best care. Three things that stand out the most are: the PACE nurse who explained my surgery; OR personnel who gave me an early iv because I was so weak from fasting; and the chaplain who said a prayer before my surgery. I now volunteer for St. E's." ~ Kathy Juedes

"My wonderful story began on January 14th, 1980 at St. Elizabeth Hospital. I gave birth of twins, a girl and a boy. What makes that so special for St. E’s is that I was the 1st out of 3 moms to give birth to twins in the same week. Those were the days when the babies stayed with the nurses in the nursery. Can you imagine all the excitement in the nursery? The Appleton Post Crescent came to take our picture to put in the paper.

The nurses got 3 moms and 6 babies all ready for our photo. No crying babies here! There was a problem with the camera and the Post Crescent had to come back again to take the picture. Three moms and six babies had to get ready again. No crying babies here! Those were the days when moms could stay in the hospital for a few days and enjoy being with all the other new moms. I will always be so grateful to the nurses in the nursery for taking such wonderful care of my precious babies. Thank you for reading my heartwarming story." ~ Sue Vanderloop

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