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The Foundation held a Share Your Story campaign in January 2012 to win four Allegiant Air vouchers. The lucky winner was Cheryl LeMieux who is planning a trip to Vegas with her co-workers. We thank the following individuals for submitting their heartfelt stories.

"My son, Carter Ness, was born 15 weeks premature and was in the St. E's NICU for 107 days. During his stay, the doctors and nurses were phenomenal. They were all professional, knew their stuff, and helped my son heal and grow in a nurturing environment. Today, Carter is a normal, healthy 2 year old. I attribute his success to prayers answered and the fantastic doctors and nurses that cared for him early on. They truly helped give my son the start he needed in life!" ~ Heather Ness

"I had surgery on a Friday by Dr. Chris Wagner (surgery) I felt fine and went home on Saturday afternoon. About midnight, I started feeling axious and short of breath. I called DR. Wagner at 0400 at home and he told me to go to the ER and he would meet me there even though he was not on call, he gave me his home number. He came in and did tests on me and found bilateral pulmonary embolisms. Dr. Wagner went way above and beyond to care for me. I would recommend him and St. E's for anything." ~ Bruce Hoffman

"On December 30, 2010 my water broke. We were told the odds were against us. We stayed strong as I laid in the hospital for just over 3 months. My family and I became grateful for my staff. My staff knew exactly what to say to make the days better. I had nurses that came in and ate their lunch with me. I had nurses that took the time to bring in treats and activities from their homes for me. I had nurses that came in on their days off. On my son's NICU d/c date, Travis came up and took a pic w/us." ~ Nicole Winkers

"I have never met a group of complete strangers who worked so hard to save my life. From a family doctor with brilliant intuition, to a cardiologist who sincerely cares, to the best surgeon and surgical team in the country, to rehab nurses who changed my diet, my exercise habits and my life forever. If there is a way for 5 bypasses to be a good experience, St. E's has found it. This photo is me less than a year after having 5 heart bypasses. To say the surgery was successful is an understatement! My experience with St E's has been incredible. The people I have met have been wonderful. I could go on and on, in fact I could write a book. But for now I will just say one more thing about my post surgery life ............. to be continued." ~ Jim Wagner

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