Ambassador Council

Our health care mission continues to grow as the Fox Cities area grows and expands, illustrating how we are entwined with our community. As part of our community stewardship, an important group of ambassadors acts as our eyes and ears to share success, collect input and represent our organization to our neighbors.

Established in 2005, the Ambassador Council promotes and sustains the foundation's work. Ambassadors are former board members and key friends of the foundation and community leaders who share in the mission of St. Elizabeth Hosptial, Calumet Medical Center and Affinity Medical Group by promoting the good work of the foundation.

Each council member offers unique talents to gather feedback, generate and steward resources to ensure the foundation's effectiveness. In return, members of the council have the opportunity to be involved in foundation activities that promote health and well-being.

St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation is very grateful to the Ambassador Council members for their ongoing support of our important mission.


"We are grateful to the current ambassadors for their commitment and support of the foundation's work. As Affinity Health System relies more on the work of the foundation, the ambassadors will have increasing opportunities to be involved to help make a difference. I personally enjoy staying connected with the hospital through the Ambassador Council after serving on the board for 13 years."

 ~Mary Beth Fowler, Co-Chair

Thomas A. Schmidt and Mary Beth Fowler

Ambassador Council Members

Mary Beth Fowler* and Thomas A. Schmidt, Co-Chairs

 Stan Baehman*  Steve Evans*  Lyssa King  Lois E. Sabee
 William J. Braun  Jack L. Fischer*  Jennifer W. Koeppl  Mary B. Schmidt
 Patrick F. Coughlin  Natalie L. Gehringer, MD  
 Patrick H. Landreman  
 William J. Schmidt
 Otto L. Cox
 Patrick P. Gill  Mark W. Loper
 Rick Stack, Jr.*
 Dr. Raymon E. Darling  Jerry A. Haen
 Jane A. Neufelder
 Mathew J. Vanden Boom
 Leo P. Driessen
 Jay R. Jack
 Michael J. Pfefferle
 Margaret M. Walsh
 Kathleen Dugan
 Bob Jacobs
 John F. Rankin*
 Graham A. Werner
 Robert J. Dusenberry*  
 Kitty M. Jedwabny
 Dennis Wydeven
 Leota Ester
 Richard H. Jones*
 John J. Russo*

In Memory of Bill Fieweger, Foundatin Chairperson    
*Denotes a former chair of the foundation's board of directors

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