2014 Donor Survey Results

1. Have you (or a loved one) experienced high-quality, personalized care at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Calumet Medical Center, and/or an Affinity Medical Group Clinic?

79% answered "Yes"

2. Which of the following area(s) of patient care do you care most deeply about?

#1 Cancer, #2 Needs of the Poor, #3 Women & Families, #4 Heart and Lung, #5 Mental Health, and #6 Other

3. How likely are you to recommend the St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation to your family members, friends, and colleagues as an organization to finacially support?

Average Response = 4.43  (5 = Very Likely ... 1 = Very Unlikely)

4. How satisfied are you with the ways in which the St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation informs you about the impact of your gift(s)?

Average Response = 4.36 (5 = Very Satisfied ... 1 = Very Unsatisfied)

5. The St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation publishes a bi-monthly newsletter ("The Giving News"), an annual report, and frequently updates their website to help keep you informed.  How often do you:

Read the newsletter?     Average Response = 3.26 (4 = Often ... 1 = Never)
Read the annual report?     Average Response = 2.82  (4 = Often ... 1 = Never)
Access the website?     Average Response = 2.04  (4 = Often ... 1 = Never)

When asked why they chose to donate to the foundation, the respondents gave a wide variety of answers. Regardless of why you choose to donate, thank you for your generosity and for making a real difference in the health of your community!


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