Donors bring personalized care to Calumet and Manitowoc Counties


Gifts to the Ascension Calumet Hospital Fund support projects and services at Ascension Calumet Hospital and the surrounding Ascension Medical Group clinics in Chilton and Kiel.  Donate here to support Personalized Care close to home at Ascension Calumet Hospital.

When Erin Eldred, pharmaceutical services coordinator at Ascension Calumet Hospital, noticed an opportunity to improve patient care, she came to the foundation and its generous donors, like you, for help.     

“When I first came to CMC, it took 45-60 minutes to thaw a frozen antibiotic container, which presented challenges to caring for our patients: ensuring timely administration of patient medication, and spending time thawing containers that could otherwise be spent directly with patients,” said Erin.

Thankfully, she found a solution to this challenge: the Baxter Bag Thawing Unit (BTU) would thaw premixed frozen I.V. antibiotic containers within minutes.  And thanks to the CMC Fund and other funds like the Francis and Georgia Ariens Endowment Fund that support the growing patient needs at CMC, Erin was able to receive funding to purchase the unit.




 “This very simple tool has been a real blessing. It has made such a positive impact on both patient care as well as nursing staff . . . WE LOVE IT!”, says Erin.





Your donations provide necessary transportation to and from appointments when it otherwise wouldn't be possible. Your donations provide necessary medication to help manage conditions for individuals who otherwise couldn't afford it.

Your donations recently supported an 80 year old woman in need of a diabetic eye exam and unable to afford it. When our patient financial counselor shared that she could receive her exam thanks to your generous donor support, she said, simply and repeatedly:

"You saved my life."

For more information, please call our office at 920.831.1475 or We are happy to assist you.

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