Former Board Chairs


St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation is deeply grateful to these individuals for guiding the foundation's mission throughout our history.


Bill Fieweger, founding chairman, 1976-1982

Dick Jones, 1982-1985
John Rankin, 1985-1989
Rick Stack, Jr., 1989-1992
Steve Evans, 1992-1993
Jack L. Fischer, 1993-1995
Stan Baehman, 1995-1997
John Russo, 1997-2000
Bob Dusenberry, 2000-2002
Mary Beth Fowler, 2002-2005
Ralph O. Kennedy II, 2005-2008
Paul J. Hoffman, 2008-2010
Brian R. Wallace 2010-2012
Debra Michiels 2012-2014
Patrick F. Koenen 2014-2016


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