Foundation Internal Grants

Any Ascension NE Wisconsin department or service may submit requests for Foundation grants based on the following guidelines (not in order of priority):

  • Advance health services, including those for under-served or special needs populations
  • An innovative program or service that is not currently funded through the operating budget
  • Enhance the quality of care and services provided for customers through upgraded equipment, programs, and facilities
  • Promote public awareness of health information to prevent illness, accidents, injuries and disease in the service area
  • Provide staff education that is necessary for the development of new or enhanced services
  • Finance items essential to the provision of high quality services

Internal Grant Criteria and Application

Internal Grants Review Rubric

Internal Grant Final Reports are due a year after receiving the grant.

Deadline for  Submission

Any employee may initiate a request that is consistent with Ascension's mission and values. April 1st & October 1st (annually) are the deadlines to submit applications to the St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation.

Questions, suggestions or problems with the Quickbase application? Please call Coree Van Thiel at 920.831.1425 or



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