2016 Board of Directors

St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation is grateful to its board of directors for guiding and supporting the foundation's mission.

Board of Directors

Patrick F. Koenen
Terri M. Trantow
    Vice Chairperson
Nancy J. Streck
    Treasurer and Secretary
Monica Hilt
    President, St. Elizabeth Hospital
Tonya L. Dedering, CFRE
    Regional Director

Edward D. Bayer, MD
John Bykowski
Timothy F. Goggins, MD
Randall A. Haak
Dana Hartwig
Wendy A. Janu
Lynne F. Keller
Kathryn M. Meyer, MD
Debra Michiels
Andrew J. Rossmeissl
Albert G. Schmidt
David L. Sickels, MD
James Spierings
Marjorie D. Weiss, PhD, APNP

The foundation is deeply grateful to these dedicated individuals for donating their time and vision, ensuring St. Elizabeth Hospital receives community support to further its mission.

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