Funding Priorities

St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation's mission is to live out the healing ministry of Christ with a special emphasis on those in need.  Your gift enhances the quality of Affinity Health System's services and programs and other community health care initiatives.  Studying national, regional and local trends, we have identified funding priorities in areas that affect your community the most.

Did You Know?

  • Heart disease is the #1 cause of death today.  Click on the Heart & Lung Fund to learn of new advances in heart care supported by your gift.
  • Kids are great!  Learn how your gift to the Women & Families Fund supports programs and services unique to women and children.
  • St. Elizabeth Hospital is the only area hospital to be ranked among the top 1% of hospitals nationwide based on quality and efficiency.  See how your donation to Where the Need is Greatest Fund brings quality health care to life.

  • On a yearly basis, over 600 patients are newly diagnosed with cancer at the St. Elizabeth Hospital Cancer Center.  Click on Cancer Fund to help patients journey through cancer.
  • Calumet Medical Center is the area's leading rural hospital.  Click on Calumet Medical Center Fund to learn how your support makes a difference in Calumet County.
  • In 2009, St. Elizabeth Hospital provided over $4 million in charity care.  Learn how your gift to the Needs of the Poor and Underserved Fund helps us carry out our mission of serving all who come through our doors.

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