Donor Dollars at Work

Your Gifts Fund Necessary Equipment Purchases

Thank you for supporting quality healthcare needs of our community.

Donor gifts, including Give One!, directed to St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation are granted back to Affinity Health System's  northern regions twice yearly to support a variety of needs from equipment to patient care supplies to program support. 

Human Patient Simulator 

The Human Patient Simulator provides staff with simulation experiences of patient scenarios, many of which are emergent.  The benefit of using a high fidelity simulator is to provide real to life experiences that foster the development of teamwork and communication skills among staff during high intensity clinical situations.  The high fidelity simulator will also provide the opportunity for staff to develop confidence and maintaining competence in many procedures including assessment skills and invasive procedures.

"In healthcare, we have life-and-death necessity for rapid response, combined with unerring knowledge, skill and teamwork. Students see it, hear it, breathe it and live it with the patient. It's really a valuable tool." - Mary Herman, Manager Clinical Education




Improving the patient experience

Med/Surgical patients at Calumet Medical Center will have an improved patient experience.  "I am so thankful for the on-going support provided by the St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation to Calumet Medical Center as part of the Northern Region of Affinity Health System. This support through grants and fundraising has helped CMC meets the health care needs of the community in so many ways." - Matt Streeter, Director of Finance & Hospital Support

Improving patient quality of life

People who have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)  qualify for AHS's outpatient pulmonary rehab program if they have moderate to severe COPD.

"This grant would mean that the COPD person would receive medical necessary services (pulmonary rehab) that would improve their quality of life and improve their activities of daily living function. Another added benefit is the education that the person receives to better manage their COPD (how/when to use their inhalers, energy conservation, reinforce their action plan, etc)." - Janine Boldra, Rehab Manager

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