Donor Dollars at Work

Your Gifts Fund Necessary Equipment Purchases

Thank you for supporting quality healthcare needs of our community.

Donor gifts, including those from our associate giving campaign, directed to St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation are granted back to Ascension NE Wisconsin twice yearly to support a variety of needs from equipment to patient care supplies to program support. 

Rehabilitation Equipment Loan Closet

The St. Elizabeth Hospital Rehab Equipment Loan closet will provide patients with added security and peace of mind. Oftentimes an inpatient requires equipment to safely ambulate after discharge. Equipment for this purpose is frequently not covered by insurance companies or may require a co-pay from the patient. Many patients lack insurance, cannot afford a co-pay or are unable to access a community loan closet for needed equipment. The goal of the hospital's loan closet is to ensure each patient the safest and smoothest transition home, with the equipment needed for optimal comfort, safety, and healing.

"I've had patients opt to leave the hospital without a recommended walker or other assistive device because of such financial contraints." - Karyn Pierro, Physical Therapist




Pediatric Toy Closet

We are working to improve the patient experience for even our smallest patients. The importance of "play" for a child in relation to his or her healthcare, including hospitalizations, is well-documented in research.  Children often show up to the emergency room urgently, and therefore do not have toys or comfort items with them when they get admitted.  Children need toys to cope with stressful situations and to make their trip to the hospital seem as "fun" as possible. Ipads were requested as part of the grant in order to loan to patients for entertainment while they are staying in the hospital. The iPads allowed the department to replace the large carts with old tube tvs and gaming system that they had been using, making the area more safe and opening up more storage.

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