Grateful Patient Stories

In the words of our friends... thank you

Patients, community members, business leaders and friends of the foundation often express their gratitude for the foundation's work. These stories, in the words of the people whose lives we touch, spur us to continue our healing mission.

His Smile Said It All!

Kevin, Angela, Nicholas and Sydney

We have been cared for by St. E's ever since we moved here 10 years ago and the people there still never cease to amaze me!  The quality of care we receive is 2nd to none!

Nicholas got a really bad virus and we ended up going to St.Es 3 times in the past 24 hours. Amy in pediatrics was amazing with Nicholas as was everyone that helped us. Amy even took my frequent phone calls from home and called me before she left work for the day just to check on us. Then today we went in for chest X-rays and Nicholas got a Build-a-Bear. It was the first time we saw him smile since Monday night. Truly amazing!  It brings tears to my eyes as I type this. I can't tell you enough how truly blessed we feel to have such great health partners. From Dr. Darling and Lynn to Dr. Marquis (and all of the nurses), we couldn't ask for better care. Thank you for all you do!  You truly make a difference in many lives!!

With Sincere Gratitude,
The Rust Family
Kevin, Angela, Nicholas and Sydney

In September 2013, a grateful patient made a gift to the foundation to honor Dr. Dirk T. Fisher.  Here is the patient's story.

Dr. Dirk T.Fisher's request for a CT Scan, following discovering of microscopic blood in my urine saved my life! Because of the early discovery of a mass in my pancreas, prior to symptoms, I was fortunate to be a candidate for surgery; a pancreatectomy (surgical removal of 70% of my pancreas) and removal of my spleen.  Following surgery my treatment regime  has been chemo, radiation and further chemo.  I recently completed my chemotherapy treatments and wanted to extend this note of gratitude to Dr. Fisher for his foresight in requesting these tests.  Without the CT Scan and early discovery of cancer in my pancreas my prognosis would have been much, much different.

Kevin and Sarah Rades are grateful for the quality care they received from the amazing staff at St. Elizabeth Hospital: 

On May 24, 2012 we welcomed the arrival of our baby girl – Kayla Mae!  Kayla is our second child – both born at St. Elizabeth Hospital.  From the moment we entered the BirthPlace wing, we received amazing care from the entire staff.  Everything was going smoothly during Kayla’s birth until her heart rate quickly dropped from 150 beats down to 70.  To say that we were concerned would have been an understatement.

 The precision of the BirthPlace staff was incredible!  Our room was instantly filled with doctors and nurses who brought Kayla safely into the world.  A “true knot”in Kayla’s cord was the reason all the teamwork and quick response was needed.  An outsider may say that the staff was “just doing their job” or “that is what they get paid to do.”  Kayla’s Mommy and Daddy know it was so much more and we greatly appreciate all their efforts!

Kevin Rades & Sarah Rades
(Kayla's Daddy & Mommy)



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