Endowed Funds

Endowed funds provide you with comfort in knowing exactly how your donation will be used now and into the future.

When your goal is to provide ongoing support to a program or purpose served by the St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation, an endowed fund is a perfect solution. With a minimum gift of $10,000, you can name a fund in your name or in the name of a loved one. Endowments can be established during your lifetime or through a planned gift, and all that is needed is a simple document outlining the agreement. Benefits of establishing a named endowment include:

  • Permanency l Your fund will grow over time, as only a portion of each year's earnings are used for the purpose you determine.
  • Legacy l You, your family or a loved one will be remembered, and future generations can be involved in the fund's activities.
  • Accountability l You and/or those you designate now and in the future will receive annual reports on the fund's financial performance and how the fund is serving the purpose you envision. You can meet the medical professionals involved with your fund, and you will be invited to special events to see first-hand how your support is making a difference.
  • Responsible Investing l The foundation's professional financial advisers and the board's finance committee ensure your fund is invested to realize both the most favorable returns possible, while adhering to socially responsible investing practices.
  • No "middle-man" l No administrative expenses are removed from your fund to pay for salaries or overhead costs. The entire amount available each year is given directly to the purpose you have selected.
If you would like to learn more about establishing an endowed fund,
please contact the foundation office at (920) 831-1475.


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Francis and Georgia Ariens
Affinity Medical Group Scholarship
F. John Barlow Endowment
W. Theodore Bernhard Memorial
Boya Family
Tom & Jenny Busch
Neal A. Chudacoff Memorial
Community Endowment
Otto Cox 21st Century Fund
Howard and Alice Curler
Dr. James & Kathleen Curry
Audrey Driessen Nursing Scholarship
Employee Emergency Life Crisis
Foundation Operating Endowment
Judson & Mary Beth Fowler
Frank Gabriel Cancer Patient Care
Special "K" NICU
Lemke School of Medical Technology
Helen M. McGrath Memorial
James & Marjorie McKenny Children's
   Health Fund
Lois E. Sabee Humanitarian Fund
Honorable Nicholas Schaefer Endowment
Carol "Tweet" Schmidt Memorial
Dick & Sis Stack Endowment
Elmer and Opal Vanden Boogaard Fund
   for Pediatrics

Dr. C. Christopher Wallace Memorial
Dr. C. Christopher Wallace Physician's Fund
Marian F. & Joseph F. Walsh Humanitarian Fund
Dr. David H. Warner Memorial
Women & Families Endowment

The funds listed here provide support to a variety of purposes including pediatric services, diabetic children and needy patients. We are grateful to these donors for working directly with the foundation to realize their dreams, which in turn improves the lives of those seeking our care.

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