As Ascension Wisconsin associates, we are united...

  • in our commitment to serve all people, with special consideration given to those who are poor and vulnerable.
  • in our commitment to provide spiritual, person-centered, high-quality care to our patients, friends and loved ones LOCALLY.
  • in our generosity of spirit and our culture of giving to others.

In that same spirit, our philanthropic partners - your Foundations - have united to form One Ascension, One Mission, our Ascension Wisconsin Associate Giving Campaign!

All Ascension Wisconsin associates are invited to participate by giving a gift that will impact the patients and hospitals in their local communities. We're grateful to all our associates who give a philanthropic gift to their local hospital Foundation. Your continued support makes a powerful impact on the communities we serve!

Click on the Foundation logo below to review the goals for your specific hospital/region. Thank you for your support!


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