Charitable Gift Annuities

Gifts that produce income for the donor

Establishing a charitable gift annuity is a wonderful way to make a generous gift to your favorite charity - often in honor or memory of a loved one – while also receiving a steady payment or income to yourself for life.

The year the annuity is established the donor will receive a charitable deduction and will start receiving income from the annuity for life. Rates of return and amount of charitable deduction are determined by the age of the annuitant, the month in which the annuity is established, and the current IRS guidelines. Upon death, the principal balance of the charitable gift annuity is transferred to the charity named in the annuity. It's a great way to give now to help your favorite charity and receive income for life.

For more information on establishing a charitable gift annuity or how you can make a gift to support the mission of St. Elizabeth Hospital, Calumet Medical Center, or Affinity Medical Group, please call the foundation office at (920) 831-1475.

Local Couple Plans Ahead to help others

When asking why they wanted to support charity care and humanitarian needs at St. Elizabeth Hospital, one anonymous couple replied "It's the right thing to do…helping others."

Having a long time family history of receiving care from and donating to St. Elizabeth Hospital, this couple, who both grew up in area and were educators their entire lives, named St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of their Charitable Gift Annuities. The couple was moved to make these gifts, which will eventually be added to their current endowment, to honor the couple's parents of which one who was an intern at St. Elizabeth Hospital in the 1920's and an aunt who was in nursing her entire life.

"It's important to help others", says the couple. "St. Elizabeth Hospital was where my father interned and got his start in medicine and where our entire family received their healthcare needs our entire life – it's a special place to us. We couldn't think of a better place where we can help others for many generations to come and honor our family members. There are so many people who need money to pay for doctor's visits, tests, and other healthcare needs. We want to help others – just like our family members did for many years." Stated the donors.

St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation is very grateful and honored that this couple, who so generously give their resources to help support humanitarian and charity care needs, have established their endowment and has chosen the foundation to be the beneficiary of their annuities. The result is that the legacy of this couple and their family will live on for generations to come – serving those in need.

"St. Elizabeth Hospital is where my father got his start in medicine and where our entire family received their health care – it's a special place to us."
                                                                  ~ Anonymous Donor

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