Emma Jean Schuchart with Cathleen Brueckner, Lisa Esser & Debra Engebos"When Emma was a baby we were concerned about her hearing -she wouldn't flinch even at the loudest of noises.  When her doctor could not get a response from her either, he  wanted an audiologist to check her hearing. 

Because of chronic ear infections we decided to get tubes placed in Emma's ears.  She had 4 separate surgeries to place and remove the tubes, each surgery being followed up with an audiologist for a hearing test.  Given the challenges of doing hearing tests on infants, Aunt Margaret wanted to find a way to help make things easier.  Through her generous donation the audiology department was able to purchase a new machine that will make hearing tests easier for the patient and the audiologist!  Thank you Aunt Margaret!"          -Kelly Schuchart

St. Elizabeth Hospital offers the hospitality of the Kathleen Mortell Rankin Hospitél to out-of-town families with relatives in the hospital. The home is a place of respite, shelter and hospitality for family members of critically ill or injured patients or for outpatients from out-of-town needing to stay for a series of treatments including radiation, hyperbaric oxygen or rehabilitation.



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